New Baby Girl

This new baby girl was absolutely precious. She had bright, blue eyes just like her brothers and a big smile that would light up her whole face. I did newborn pictures of their 2nd son and it was great getting to see everyone again and catch up. Hope you enjoy your peek:)


It Must Be Me

I guess being outside for so many sessions over the year I’m bound to see some interesting creatures. A couple of weeks ago it was an alligator. I’ve seen a coyote, woodpeckers, snakes, a no-tailed squirrel that hopped like a bunny and last year when I was with this family we had this long-tailed friend. [...]


Miss K turned 13 this year…an official teenager! Her mom is so good about keeping up with their pictures and as always she picked a gorgeous location on their side of town.


Happy Girl!!

She was such a happy girl and made the photo session soooo easy! She came in the door with a huge smile for me and kept it up for lots and lots of pictures. After she seemed to tire of being a little model we just sat around admiring how completely adorable she is and [...]

Taylor – Senior 2013

This is my husband’s adorably beautiful cousin that is a senior this coming school year. She lives in Missouri but was visiting so it was the perfect time to knock out some senior pictures.


Mr. Speedy & Lots of Family

This was their annual beach trip and I’m so glad that I got to document some of their time together. They are definitely some of the very sweetest people that I know and have worked with. It was fun watching all of the cousins together…especially when they got to run wild and play at the [...]

Big Fish, Little Fish

This family LOVES to swim so we did the session in their backyard and ended with some pool time. The kids are amazing in the pool. Their son can dive in and swim underwater to the other side and their little girl seems right at home in the water. She would go under a little [...]

The S Family

I met the women in this family several years ago when we did Ms. K’s senior pictures and I was happy to hear from them again. We had to deal with mosquitoes a little during this session but other than that it went great.


Awesome Family & An Unusual Observer

This family has added a little boy since I last saw them and he is a cutie!! His smile lights up his entire face and he was such a happy little one for the session. His twin sisters crack me up. One of them is super reflective and just watches and takes everything in while [...]

Sleepy Newborn

This little guy was so good for our session. We had a time limit this day but it wasn’t a problem at all because he came in sleeping and just kept sleeping for the most part. His parents and sister are smitten with him and just with the short time I was around him I’m [...]