Getting Bigger

It’s been about 8 months since I had last seen this little one and he’s changed quite a bit. Last time we couldn’t get him to crack a smile and this time he gave quiet a few.


A new little guy

Not too much sleeping going on with this little dude but he was great at eye contact with the camera. Just look how he was working it.

Ok, so a little sleeping….after we tired him out:)

Check out those cute little lips


The biggest smile ever

This little one has a smile that could light up an entire city. Mackenzie went with me to help out on this shoot and just fell in love with her and her big smile and sparkly eyes. Totally adorable!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek:)



It’s a beautiful thing. I did not take being pregnant too kindly. I didn’t like the sickness, the bigness, the uncomfortableness, the feeling like it was going to go on forever. I always couldn’t wait to have my body back. And I certainly never felt beautiful while pregnant. But being on the other side of [...]

Newborn Girl

She is so petite and adorable. We wore her down after a while and then she slept like a champ.

Dad is a Met’s fan and she looks pretty happy to go along with that.

Can’t remember for sure but I *think* that one of the grandparents is in broadcasting so mom had [...]

A Really Big Family Shoot

The grown kids in this family bought their parents a Studio Bloom Photography gift certificate for Christmas 2008. Well, do you know how hard it is to coordinate a photo shoot for that many adults? Very, very hard! We rescheduled several times so we were all ecstatic that we were finally able to meet up [...]

New Little Guy

I loved this little guy’s extra wrinkly skin and I imagine that by the next time I see him he will have filled it all out:(

He was pretty easy-going and let us try lots of different things…gotta love that! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek J & J.


Let’s just say…

that this little guy’s bodily functions are in check and working:) I’ve only had 1 newborn EVER that didn’t use the restroom on a parent, me, a blanket, etc…. but I’d much rather have to deal with a little #1 and #2 than to look back at a diaper with a character on it in [...]

Big Sister, Little Sister

What started out scheduled as a newborn shoot became an 8-week-old shoot. We had to reschedule so many times that I actually lost track….bad weather, bad weather, I had a sick kid, Christmas holidays, weather, etc….

I was so relieved when I actually saw them face-to-face and knew we were going to get those pictures [...]

First of the Explosion of the Newborns

The newborns come in waves I tell ya:) This is the first from last week…a week of 5 new little ones. He was such a sweetie and happiest when his entire hand covered his face. Not the best pose for pictures little dude:)

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!