Nervous…in a good way

If it’s a challenge to take pictures of a 2-yr-old then how about add in a twin to that 2-yr-old and a 5-month-old sibling. I really was a little nervous but also excited to see what I could get for this family. As soon as I met them though I knew it was not going [...]

Ms. P

Here’s a quick little session of Ms. Penelope who is getting quite big. Love the picture with her new little pouty look.


2 Beauties

I just had to let Cassidy tag along for this photo shoot. They mentioned that they were going to bring their Yorkie and Cassidy has always wanted a Yorkie so I knew that she’d love to go. But when I met the gorgeous senior that was there to do pictures and her dog, Addison, I [...]


This little guy was so adorable. He was not in a bad mood at all but he wasn’t giving up very many smiles. His poor parents tried everything imaginable and we were able to get a few.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! When we were driving home tonight my 3-yr-old [...]


I just got through reading THIS and am stunned. Totally amazing…take the time to look through the entries (I think there’s 38 or so) you won’t regret it!

This is a friend and former co-worker of mine and her super-fun cut-up of a family. She’s wanted some pictures for quite a while and it’s just never happened. Now, her son is graduating and we knew that the family dynamics may change after that and we’d better get on with the photo shoot. (I [...]

2 things are sure

about this little one. First, she has the most gorgeous blue eyes, and second, she is the smallest yet speediest little girl ever! A couple of times I had to just stop in my tracks and laugh because she outwitted me the entire time. I would try and head her off or get at the [...]

An outnumbered Mom

This mom is definitely outnumbered by all of the boys in the house. I know she was stressing with the short time span that we had to work with because of her youngest one’s bedtime and mentioned that she would be happy if just one picture came out. I hope you’re not disappointed:)


Almost 4 months

He is such a little bundle of cuteness. It was so adorable to sit him up in a teepee style and get some shots while he would slowly start leaning over. Don’t worry though…there was a loving pair of hands waiting to catch him. Hope you enjoy guys.



She was the perfect…

senior for this location. I’ve done lots of kids sessions at the horse stables but have been wanting to do a senior there. I suggested it and she was all for it…and was PERFECT. She loves horses and even adored the cat that followed us everywhere. That crazy cat is in so many pictures that [...]