This is a friend and former co-worker of mine and her super-fun cut-up of a family. She’s wanted some pictures for quite a while and it’s just never happened. Now, her son is graduating and we knew that the family dynamics may change after that and we’d better get on with the photo shoot. (I did actually threaten to just show up at her house to get it done)!

They were so much fun. I know that she probably wants a more traditional pose for show but more than anything I wanted to be able to give her memories of their interaction…what it’s like to have your oldest almost grown and your younger being a tween…how they tease each other and play. In fact, we had to get onto dad quite a few times for disruption! Haven’t come across that before:) Don’t worry Cindy, I have quite a few “normal” poses but I really hope that you like these that I’ve chosen for your sneak peek. I had a blast!

Check out her feet. She’s pretty clever.

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