Super Fun Family

I know I’ve probably been living under a rock (and my husband swears he told me about these) but I just found out about these cool car stickers that you can purchase to leave on other people’s cars. Here’s just one example:

There’s many wording variations (I’m sure you can imagine). Such as “You [...]

I love the look…

of the sun shining on her gorgeous red hair. We did pictures out in the field and then next month we’re going to do some more senior pictures at the beach. That should be fun!

Get this: Four out of five in our family had the flu shot. I just got back from the [...]

When taking pictures in the…

little hut at the Japanese Gardens I now know to always look in there first. Every time that I’ve been to the Japanese Gardens you have to wait to take pictures with the hut. There’s always lovebirds hanging out or families that have made it their little picnic spot. So when I saw that it [...]

I love…

that my senior season is starting. This beautiful senior has the most gorgeous eyes and lashes that are real honest-to-goodness inches long! I commented on them and told her that I bet she must hear comments about her lashes a lot and she said that yes, that was the 3rd comment just that day. Hope [...]

Family Shoot

The weather in Texas is crazy…for this photo shoot we settled on a time. Then because of the weather we had a wait-and-see approach…and then let’s wait an hour…No, no let’s do it the next morning instead. And then once again we waited an hour…and finally we decided “what the heck” let’s just get this [...]

Here’s the same….

little guy from back in October that I named Mr. Speedy look here and I can say that without a doubt he still holds that title! He’s as cute as ever though and we all got our workout for the day (especially his mom). Hope you enjoy the sneak peek:)


Gorgeous Senior & 1 of our Baby

I was sitting at my dining room table today with my sister-in-law and she started laughing. I looked over and Cosmo had jumped up into one of the chairs and was peeking over with his chin laying on the top of the table just watching us. It was too cute! I didn’t even know he [...]