I’m scared to have a tween/teen! And Mackenzie is getting close…scary! But I’ve done these kids’ pictures for years now and they’re getting to that age that I worry and stress about and being with them makes me see how fun it can be. They have so much personality (as you can see in the [...]


Here’s Miss H and her new little sister. Little sister has a chin just like my niece and it’s soooo adorable!

The session was getting a *little* crazy and their mom said “I can’t wait to see what you write on your blog about this session”. The thing is that it is much more [...]

Ten on Tuesday

I’m so excited that I hit a “T” day to do the “Ten on Whatever Day”. Never mind that it’s been over a week….we won’t dwell on that:)

- I don’t know about you but when I place my groceries on the conveyor belt at the grocery store I try to load them so fast [...]

Newborn Boy Mr. R

This adorable baby boy slept for just a little bit but I think he was mainly afraid he might miss something because he was awake for most of the session. He was the perfect model while posing with his parents…he would look at them and then look straight at the camera.


6 months old

He was soooo good for his pictures. He’s only 6 months old and I was pretty impressed at how well he could sit and stand next to things. And on top of that the photo shoot was around his bedtime. I’ve known his mom since she was in elementary school and it was great to [...]

My Friend L…

and her family. We met each other a really long time ago before husbands and kids. Wow, life has changed since that time! I was great getting to see you guys…hope you enjoy the peek:)


Ten on Whatever Day

A lot of bloggers have “themes” for the different days of the week and one of those that I’ve seen is “Ten on Tuesday” or “Ten on Thursday”. It’s just 10 things that they want to talk about and it’s a great way for readers to learn more about you. I’ve always wanted to do [...]

Baby B

I went on location to their home to do this session. Their daughter who used to seem so young and small suddenly seemed like such a big girl now that she has a little brother. She adored him and was really good at posing with him. I was super impressed because their home was beautiful [...]

Fall 2010 Mini Sessions

Weekends are officially booked for this year. There is one Friday session in November open and a few weekday sessions open. I’ve saved a few “rainout” days because last year we had to re-schedule so many sessions due to rain but didn’t have any open dates to move them to. In order to try and [...]

Baby girl and her doting brother

Four-year-old Mr. C was beyond good. He was so sweet and gentle with his baby sister. She was awake the entire time so we got a lot of bright-eyed shots.

Giving kisses…