2 Beauties

I just had to let Cassidy tag along for this photo shoot. They mentioned that they were going to bring their Yorkie and Cassidy has always wanted a Yorkie so I knew that she’d love to go. But when I met the gorgeous senior that was there to do pictures and her dog, Addison, I think I was more excited than anyone. Her dog is absolutely adorable. I could just envision the pictures. More than once they were probably ready to get on with it and I was still popping off ideas that included Little Miss Royal Highness…she is just THAT cute (and get a load of her bow).

Her owner was not too shabby herself. Just a little drop-dead gorgeous:) And because they both need to shine I had to include a gallery for each of them. Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I’m Addison. Aren’t I cute?

What do you mean this is for your senior pictures?

And now here’s some that we actually took without her pup.

And she loves yellow…one of my favorite colors. We had to incorporate the bright yellow wall.

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