Park Pictures

Hands down that this family had a much rougher time than I did at this session. There were ants (lots of ants), heat and humidity, a very tired little girl who hadn’t taken a nap, and a little boy who got in a funk after the ants attacked him. You can’t blame him though. And I’ve noticed that every time something happens to my kids like ant attacks, fall on the cement, etc….and I tell them that they’re fine or suck it up then you know what inevitably happens to me within the next few days? The exact same thing…and then I think, dang! that really hurts!

Luckily, this park by their home had swings and slides and that always helps to get a kiddo out of a photo funk:) Their mom gets the award for trying the most ever ideas to make the pictures happen. She will sing, jump up and down, create pyramids, whatever it takes! Thanks so much Christina for always working so hard to get the photos:) Hope you enjoy.

Take a look at little miss’s adorable faux shoes. I will be hunting a pair of those down for my niece.

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