Two Sessions

I’m so glad that I met up with this family for another session. They weren’t going to do pictures this year. The session last year didn’t go as easily as a parent would like and I know they were stressed. Let’s just say that a good ole drink may have been mentioned a time or two;) But their oldest has a loose tooth and mom realized that she would regret not getting pictures before Miss K started to lose her baby teeth. Our time together this year couldn’t have gone more perfect. The stars all aligned and I have soooooo many adorable pictures from our time together. Yea for 2nd chances!!

Super nice family that just added a new baby girl. Big brother is pretty proud of her and I can see why. She modeled lots of things for us looking so precious the entire time. I also had a great time getting to know mom and her friend as we did the session.

Just love her squishy lips!!

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