After 20 months the new Studio Bloom website has been launched! Shameful, isn’t it?? I actually bought it in December of 2009 and would work on it a little and then months would go by before I would touch it again. Everything on the old site was so outdated but the funny thing is that it took me so long to finish the new one that some of the things that were loaded when I first bought it are outdated!

Here’s the new WEBSITE

There are a few changes of policies and pricing. I always wondered why most photographers did things a certain way and over time I’ve learned that they do these things to run a great, successful business.
One of the changes that was made is the newborn session fee. Newborn sessions are one of my absolute favorite types of sessions but with time I’ve found that the newborns require quite a bit more time. Not only for the actual session but in post-processing work. It’s such a precious and fleeting time that I’m documenting and I want to make sure that I get the pictures and that they look great. Don’t worry, if you’ve already notified me about your upcoming newborn you are locked in at the old session price.

Next, I need to get more serious about ordering time. The online gallery of proofs will now be up for 5 weeks before it’s taken down. When researching the timeline that most photographers give for ordering I found that they limit it to a small amount of time. I think that if there isn’t a cut-off in the near future then people (myself included) tend to procrastinate or forget. Going into my family session that I did with another photographer we had 7 days to place an order. Since I knew that I took care of it within the first couple of days. She reiterated that it helps things run more smoothly and I can understand that now. Once the gallery expires there will be a $25 fee to have it put up again.

I’m so excited because Studio Bloom Photography is now offering frames. They are gorgeous!! They come in a zillion colors and shapes. You can check out some samples in the “Products” gallery.

There’s a “Products” gallery and I hope that it helps people visualize the options better. I’ll be adding more pictures of products as they come in.

There are a few minor things that I still have to do but I’ve procrastinated long enough and it’s good to go:)

And here’s my crazy, about-to-be-a-1st grader tomorrow! Here he’s just chilling….not normal behavior for him. While in Florida he sweetly asked me if I wanted to go up and sit with him on the 3rd floor balcony. How could I refuse that?!

Still chilling….and still not normal….

Searching the web for Power Rangers

Still surfing….

And he found them. See…

And imitating moves

And singing along to a theme song. I think he needs to get into it a little bit more:)

He can give you any power ranger move you want but when his photographer mom wants a smile this is what I get:(

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