Another 4-day old

My kids have been watching a Tinkerbell movie and Drew keeps calling her Tiggerbell…you should see how much this bothers Cassidy. She corrects him and he just keeps saying Tiggerbell. And you know how when you’re little you would “pick” the person that you wanted to “be”?

Cassidy: Drew, you can be that boy fairy.
Drew: No, I want to be Tiggerbell.
Cassidy: It’s not TIGGERBELL!! It’s Tinkerbell.
Drew: No, it’s Tiggerbell.
Cassidy: If you don’t say her name right you can’t be her!

And if Drew knows this bothers her then he’ll call her Tiggerbell for the rest of his life:)

This little girl was 4 days old and was such a little sweetie. She slept and was extremely easy-going. I could have taken pictures all day:)

Her middle name is Rose…

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