Maternity shoot and a tired pup

This maternity photo shoot took me back in time. She was one of my first maternity clients ever and she’s back with baby-to-be #2. She looks just as great as the first time…2007 pics. We just did indoor shots this time because it’s so hot, hot, HOT! I can’t wait to do the newborn pictures!

A minute ago Drew was playing games on the laptop and he was having trouble getting the volume up. I hear him yell this twice: “This computer is so busted!” Where he gets this stuff I don’t know.

And the pictures at the bottom of this post are of our pup Cosmo. We had taken him to the dog park and when we got home I gave him a bath. Normally when I’m done I’ll back up from the tub and give him permission to hop out where I can dry him. And let me say he usually jumps out so fast that he gets me wet in the process. But this night when I backed up he just gave me this pitiful look because he was so tired. He then proceeded to close his eyes and the back half of his body actually started to fall over while his chin was still resting on the side of the tub. I guess it’s hard work socializing with your pup friends at the park:)

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