Another fun set of sisters

I just love this age. They were so sweet and fun. And at this age they just want to cooperate and look good for their pictures. Gotta love that. And as a bonus, they had a ton of ideas for poses. Sorry your sneak peek took a little long. Enjoy!


Beach Pics

I love this picture of the boysThis is my best friend’s brother and his family (he was like a brother to me growing up). When we were kids if he and my best friend, Ang, were fighting, I’d try and help her and jump right in and get my butt kicked along with her. Gotta [...]

Mr. L’s sneak peek

Is this not a poor-puppydog-pitiful-eyes-look or what?Isn’t he the cutest? Love his brown, expressive eyes. You may recognize him if you’ve seen my website. Some of his younger pics are on there. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek guys!