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Ok, I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself for getting a Monday blog post up. I used to always try to start the week off with a new post and have totally been slacking lately, and since it’s 12:06am, then technically, it’s not only a Monday post…it’s a early morning Monday blog post. Ha!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was super busy, but fun. We went Saturday night to eat seafood on the water and just as we got there a huge storm began. We were sat and had our drinks and food ordered and the restaurant electricity went out. Luckily, we were out on a covered patio-type area and still had a little outdoor gloomy light. Our server brought some candle lanterns and we had to ask the most important question. Can they still prepare the food??? “Yes,” he answered, so all was good. It was kind of freaky to see the clouds rolling over the bay and lightening striking straight down to the water all around us. But we did get our yummy food, ate by candlelight, and were done right about the time the storm passed by.

This sneak peek is for the sweetest family! We did some indoor and outdoor shots for this session. Mom really wished that she had done some naked baby pictures long ago and realized that her daughter was about to be too big so we caught a few of those, but she also loves the outdoor shots that have all the color of the outdoors so we headed out after some inside shots. The kids were so good, even in the Tx mid-day dripping-wet heat. Hope you enjoy!

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