Sleeeeeeeeeppppyyyy girl

This little girl’s brother holds the title for best newborn ever at a shoot. So, when she got there I was giving her a pep talk about how well her older brother had done when he was a newborn and how she had a lot to live up to to be as good…yada, yada, yada. We were just shooting for a good 2nd place best newborn title. And normally, we spend lots of time trying to get newborns to sleep…and then you move them and spend more time getting them back to sleep and on and on. Not this girl. She slept, and she slept, and then she slept some more. She has amazing blue/green eyes right now (her brother had them at his newborn shoot too) and mom wanted a shot of her with her eyes open…BUT, we couldn’t get this girl to wake up. We tried everything! Including a wet blanket, walking outside, holding her up, loud noises, etc… She wouldn’t budge. So we got lots of adorable sleepy girl pictures.

Stay tuned to find out if she woke up for their extended family outdoor shoot several days later:)

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