Not Just a Little Rain

I was super excited to do this newborn session. One, I’ve done all three kiddos when they were brand new and two, they wanted to do them outdoors at their new home. The great thing about this is they have acreage, wild flowers, wooden fences and a barn. The morning of the shoot it drizzled just a little. I checked the weather again and there was a 30% chance of rain. Well, with 30% I’ve learned that it usually doesn’t rain. And that’s what I get for thinking;)
It stopped and then started a little again. I called mom. The barn area was covered so even if it did rain we were good. I headed over and we did the newborn shoot. But let me tell you…it rained the ENTIRE time…and most of that was torrential rain. Like so bad that I’m pretty sure it helped little Mr. J sleep because it was so loud and constant. There were rain puddles everywhere and big (middle) sister had a blast playing in them. I was bummed that we didn’t get to take advantage of all the great spots at their new place but I’m really glad that we captured Mr. J while he’s still in the newborn phase.

Mom told me how hard it is to get all of the kids in a picture so I thought we’d give it a quick try. We were probably quite a spectacle if anyone were so lucky to see us. We were using cat food to keep one kiddo in place (their new place came with 3 barn cats and one of them was determined to be in a picture. And she succeeded. Because we needed her to eat and keep eating so no one would move). Mom and grandma were singing and being silly and on top of that we were in mud and rain. Forget about photo composition, forget about getting wet and forget about looking ridiculous because we were going to get a picture of the 3 of them!

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