A great Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a great day! I really enjoyed my day. We have been running around so much lately that it was great to have a day to chill with the family. It was actually gorgeous outside — which is surprising with the way the weather has been lately — and we were able to walk the dogs in the neighborhood and play outside for hours. I even took the camera out and took pics of the kids playing. I hadn’t done that in years…literally. I’ll try and share those pics this week. I’ve sadly gotten to the point where I’m either tired of the camera or worry about the background not being good or the kids not being dressed nice enough or their hair not brushed. It’s really sad and I’m going to try and get better at the everyday pictures:)

This family’s session was one of many that has had to be rescheduled because of bad weather. I’m so glad we were finally able to meet up. Hope you enjoy your peek:)

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