I’m the client now

There are a handful of my favorite photographers that if I could I would travel to where they are and hire them for our family photos and it just so happened that one of them posted on her blog that she was coming to Houston and was going to spend one day doing five shoots. And to top it off they were urban shoots…my absolute fave!! It was fate, meant to be, and couldn’t be passed up. I asked Chad if he could get off of work that day and he said “Yes, but what about the kids and school?” School schmool! (Ummm, Melissa or any teachers that may read this…shhh.cough..cough.haha). So I snagged a spot and we spent some time with Angie of Simplicity Photography this past Friday. Sure I can take pics of kids…just not my kids. They are sooooo over me and my tricks and it was worth every penny to hire someone to do what I do…for me. When we did family pictures before Christmas my kids were just o.k. for me. Drew tried to be silly, Cassidy always smiled like she was in pain and Mackenzie and Chad are Squinty One and Squinty Two. I didn’t really love any of them. But on Friday the kids were so good (well, Drew gave her a little bit of a hard time but she was great with him) and I left there feeling so happy and optimistic. I can’t wait to see them! And the weather was totally overcast so I’m hoping that Squinty One and Squinty Two were able to open their eyes:)

I helped her pin down a location and it ended up being in the Warehouse District downtown. I warned her that it’s a little rough down there and I hope it didn’t scare her too bad! I don’t get a lot of requests for “urban” shoots but maybe I can share some of ours and get some takers.

I can totally relate to my clients now. I was stressed about clothing, the weather, and now the wait. This is hard!

And I say this as I’m so far behind that it’s not funny. This is the slowest part of the year and I’m behind…not good but I’m resolved to get caught up and get back to blogging better. I’m so behind that I have a new website that I bought months ago that isn’t started. Well, I think the home page is done…a new blog that hasn’t been finished. And I wanted these to be done in time for the February price increase. I also am doing a separate site for seniors that hasn’t been started. I will have some new policies and packages…it just isn’t ironed out yet…but it will be!

Here’s the Valentine’s Day pics I took of the family and I think they will prove my point that Drew is a stinker when it comes to pictures for mom.

Here’s my husband’s Flintstone’s car. It literally has a hole in the floorboard but it’s a great color for pictures. He’s had it for probably 10 years with the intention of fixing it up. Well, it’s become a junk collector in the garage. We like to tease our 16-year-old neighbor that his parents are buying it for him.

Ok. I wanted him to look up at me and he sticks the bottom of his feet up.

Then I get the closed eyes

and the open mouth

I really, really, really wanted a fajita salad that day so Chad went to the store, bought the supplies and made one. This is BIG. He usually sticks to cooking breakfast every once in a while and grilling. It was perfect:)

driving up from the store

Is this a bad mom? I had her take her glasses off for our pictures. She’s pretty blind as a bat without them….but to my defense, she wears them crooked and halfway down her nose. We call her our little granny. And we made sure she didn’t trip or anything:)

I think there’s a little spit flying with those bubbles

Exhibit #1 – crooked glasses

Exhibit #2 – squinty eyes

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